EFFECTOR® -Rock On The Eyewear.
Our optical eyewear is named after beat junkies and aural exciters, aka EFFECTOR®. EFFECTOR® is an original Japanese brand established in 2005 by "OPTICAL TAILOR CRADLE", an eyewear select shop. Based on the concept "Rock On The Eyewear", the solid, sturdy, and masucline forms is what makes our eyewear distinctive. Taking traditional frame designs and adding our unique Tokyo flavour along with employing Japanese craftsmanship based in Sabae city in Fukui prefecture, we are able to maintain a high level of quality and attention to detail that is the "Made in Japan -Rock On The Eyewear" philosophy. The original concept based on inspirations from rock culture with its iconic status, along with our love for the beatnik movement has motiviated us to produce a series of eyewear appreciated by designers and artists alike.