EFFECTOR for JAPAN / Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Charity Project


We extend our sincere condolences to the victims and survivors of the Japan Earthquake
and Tsunami.

In an effort to support the survivors and the affected area, EFFECTOR will donate part of
the profits from sales (500yen per glasses) to the Japan Red Cross, starting April 1st 2011
thru September 30th.

Currently, Japan Red Cross is accepting donations until September 30th, but if this term is
to be extended, we may adjust accordingly.

We hope to be of any assistance to the affected area, and pray for their recovery.

We also hope this project can become a chance for our customers to think about what each
and every one of us can do.

April 1st, 2011

※ Sales prices are not subject to change.
※ Donations will be effective at all OPTICAL TAILOR CRADLE stores and
EFFECTOR dealers throughout Japan.
※ All donations will be made in the name of OPTICAL TAILOR CRADLE at the end of the
next month of sales to the Japan Red Cross donations account.
※ Statements concerning donations will not be updated on the website. Receipts issued by
the Japan Red Cross will be provided upon request. Please use the contact form.